Look What Hell Of A Deal Trump And Indian Prime Minister Are Making – An ECONOMIC BOOM

On Monday, the India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House as part of a two-day stay in Washington DC.

According to the White House, the leaders are expected to talk about “common priorities” for the partnership between America and India, including combating terrorism, economic growth and enlarging the security collaboration in the Indo-Pacific area.

Indian diplomats in the US capitol highlighted the unities between Trump and Modi, quoting India’s Prime Minister’s business skills and populist appeal. White House staffers are concentrated on something more leaning towards the US president.

Reporters were told by a senior administration staffer that “They are the world’s most-followed political leaders on social media. President Trump is slightly ahead of Modi.”

As of Saturday morning, the US president had 32.7 million followers on Twitter, while Modi had 31 million.

“That shows the kind of leaders they are: Both are innovators; both are business executives,” stated the administration official. “I think they’ll find a lot of common ground.”

India’s Prime Minister’s objective is to make a special connection with Trump, according to Modi’s staffers. One Indian official said, “Without chemistry, there is no physics.”

New Delhi has been frightened by Trump’s courting of Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he hosted at his Mar-a-Lago winter estate two months ago, officials in India stated. White House officials rejected recommendations that the administration has ignored India.

As some administration staffers said, after finishing meetings with the US president, Modi will be hosted at a cocktail reception and a diplomatic dinner at the White House, which will mark the first foreign leader dining there since Trump was sworn in.

A senior administration official stated, “The White House is every interested in making this a special visit. We’re seeking to roll out the red carpet.”

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