Bill O’Reilly Is Launching A New Show!

Ex-Fox News ratings king Bill O’Reilly disclosed on Saturday that he is set to do a video streaming program on his website in the upcoming months and alluded he would be part of a new network that is perhaps a competitor to his ex employer.

At the time of the first stop of his “The Spin Stops Here” tour in Westbury, New York, the 67-year-old ex cable news all time favorite revealed to the crowd his intentions for the future, in which those for his website, where he has been hosting podcasts since his firing from Fox previously this year.

O’Reilly said to the crowd that he would start his “own operation,” according to Newsday. He followed up with the fact that he is working on a half-hour video newscast within a studio, and that it will be alike his famous hit show The O’Reilly Factor.

“It’s basically an experiment to see how many people are going to want this service. That’s coming and will be here before September in a robust form,” he continued. “But I suspect there will be another network maybe merging with us. There will be a network that rises up because the numbers for Fox are going down.”

“A bunch of people are looking to compete with Fox because there’s a perception” of decline, he reportedly continued. At the time of the show, O’Reilly also spoke of his departure from Fox News back in April, which happened following the New York Times reporting that $13 million in payments had been made to silent several allegations of sexual harassment by the anchor. O’Reilly has vigorously opposed the allegations.

“I’m not going to bad-mouth them. They had a shift in management that coincided with a very well thought-out and financed effort to destroy me,” he stated, according to Newsday. “It worked — temporarily. It all had to do with President Trump. In the weeks to come, I’m going to lay all that out in a very public way.”

Fox News has went through drastic alterations in this previous year; founder Roger Ailes resigned due to numerous sexual harassment allegations and passed away back in May aged 77, while co-president and producer Bill Shine left the network immediately following O’Reilly.

The network redirected ex Crossfire host Tucker Carlson into O’Reilly’s old 8 p.m. time slot, and took its panel show The Five to 9 p.m. Sean Hannity stayed on in the 10 p.m. slot.

Fox News remains the best cable news network, but it has gotten tougher competition in these past couple of weeks as MSNBC and its star anchor, Rachel Maddow, have made ratings spikes because of their focus on crucial coverage of President Donald Trump’s administration.

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