Look What huge Thing Karen Pence Changed In The Official Government Residence!

Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, has opened the doors of their government residence to no less than 15,000 honeybees. Mrs. Pence debuted the beehive on Tuesday, with a partial motive being getting some focus on the declining of managed bee colonies that she and other officials stated could impact the U.S. agricultural production badly.

Namely, managed honeybee colonies contribute with no less than $15 billion dollars a year in crop value by enlarging yields and with giving a hand in the implementation of quality harvests. However, the excessive decline in honeybee colonies throughout the years “presents a serious challenge to our ability to produce many of the agricultural products that we sell and enjoy today,” Mrs. Pence stated during a media event at the U.S. Naval Observatory compound in northwest Washington, where the vice president’s official residence is.

All kinds of fruits, vegetables and nuts are within the 90 crops that managed honeybees pollinate for farmers, she stated. T

he drop in honeybee colonies is a consequence of numerous factors, in which stress triggered by parasites, pests, transportation and insufficient honeybee nutrition, she revealed. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who was present at the revealing, stated Mrs. Pence was a “great example” of how everyone can attribute in helping honeybees. He stated his department was also putting efforts in the reversal of the declining beehive population throughout the nation.

“Just in the spirit of democracy, let’s all get involved and do our part, whether it’s planting the plants or hosting a beehive just as Mrs. Pence has done here,” Perdue expressed.

No less than 80 percent of the land in the Pences’ home state of Indiana is agriculturally-oriented, and Mrs. Pence disclosed the crops grown there are dependable on the “pollinating power” of bees. Additionally, she installed a beehive at their official residence in Indiana and stated she thought it would be exemplary to do the exact same thing in Washington.

The new hive has around 15,000 and 20,000 honeybees, stated Larry Marling of Eco Honeybees, the Virginia-based company that was tasked with the installation of the beehive. The bee population could skyrocket to between 40,000 and 50,000 bees just in time for the end of the season, he stated.

All of the honey the bees will produce, will be spread broadly among everyone as presents. “The great thing about honey is it doesn’t spoil,” Mrs. Pence revealed.

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