George Lopez Did Sick Thing to Ivanka Trump


Leftists just can’t stop attacking the President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump.

Though she is on the list of top most powerful individuals in US, they are keeping on with their plan to destroy her.

Among all, the leftist celebrities are by far the worst. They think they rule the world.

Ivanka worked day and night to get to this point of her career and every American women dreams to be like her one day. She is marvelous daughter and a mother of three, and of course, a wife. But leftists are ruining her life with awful comments.

The celebrities are taking advantage of their popularity to distract the nation with nothing but lie about the First Daughter.

President Donald Trump stated that people are not fairly treating her daughter, but the situation improved and it is under control.

The worst thing is that the fake media is backing this behavior. How can possibly everyone ignore the situation? The 35-year-old beauty is being assaulted every day and no one is taking actions to stop this.

This time, George Lopez chose to open his naughty mouth. He published a clip of two dogs mating, and one of his friends forwarded with the awful game.

Lopez might consider his posts are hilarious and laughable, but in fact, he is horrible with all the hate speech he throws against Ivanka. No one should ever threat any woman like this.

Women shouldn’t be treated with disrespect, especially not Ivanka Trump.

Lopez didn’t possibly think that people would react to his naughty post, but the Internet broke moments after he made the disgraceful remarks.

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