It’s Melania Trump’s Birthday And Liberals Just Did Something Horrible To Her

The Left may have a misogyny problem.

On the very day we learned that conservative Ann Coulter had to cancel a planned speech at the University of Berkley, California out of fear for her physical safety, we are witnessing other attacks on another woman, Melania Trump.

Upon hearing that their First Lady is celebrating her birthday today and in response to the GOP’s best wishes, Liberals took to Twitter to wish her a happy one in their own characteristic way.

Some have taken it upon themselves to evaluate Mrs. Trump’s résumé, especially her past modeling career:

Others took the occasion to remind us of the incident in which one of her speechwriters borrowed way too heavily on one of Michelle Obama’s speechwriters.

And of course many express “sympathy” for her because of her husband:

Besides the general nastiness of the tweets, it is also interesting how hypocritical they are.

Melania is by most accounts is an entrepreneurial, intelligent woman; a doting mother; and an immigrant who in the past was not ashamed to display her physical charms as well.

As much as the Left hates her today, if she were to speak out in favor of abortion or open borders tomorrow, she would be to them an icon.

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